• Drug and Alcohol Counselling
  • Smoking and Quit-for-Life
  • Food
  • Gambling

Drug, alcohol and other addictions can be very debilitating for an individual and damaging to their surrounding family, friends or workmates. It affects people right across the board, transcending socio-economic and racial boundaries. Effective help is not always easy to find.

I specialise in private assessment and treatment for individuals with drug and alcohol problems – to enable them to overcome dependency and restore personal order to attain a more fruitful life.

Expert assessment for workplace drug and alcohol issues

I can help with employees using drugs or those positively tested in the workplace. This includes counselling and safety assessment for return to work.

This can be of particular value to smaller companies that don’t have formal schemes but need expert help for management and staff.

Helping troubled families and friends

Drug and alcohol abuse is not just an individual issue, but can wreak havoc for family and friends. I offer support and understanding to help family members overcome alcohol or drug problems, to restore productive lives.

Dealing with multiple addictions

I work with individuals struggling with multiple addictions – on top of drugs and alcohol – such as smoking, gambling and gaming addictions.

Clinical supervision for drug and alcohol practitioners

I am a DAPAANZ accredited clinical supervisor and available to provide clinical supervision to drug and alcohol practitioners, counsellors and those working towards their registration in Auckland and via Skype.

Qualifications and credentials

  • Studied at the University of Auckland and worked with addictions in health care for 18 years.
  • Registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner and full member of The Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa New Zealand – NZ’s drug and alcohol professional body.
  • DAPAANZ Accredited clinical supervisor.